Photos of the contextualised learning area in use! As well as the other photos and how experiences led into opportunities for different writing.
2008 photos

Photos 2008 with commentary restaurant roleplay/improvisation

Photos of displays 2008

Interview training with our Chair of Governors in role as Rick Stein with commentary

job application letters published on our class writing blog
see 2008 other files for interview training powerpoint

Photos of the interviews

We worked with the school cook so we could write an explanatory text on "How to cook hot dinners for one hundred hungry children." They also made bread with Chris.

Making Bruschetta which led into writing instructions

Visit to Puccinis - an opportunity for persuasive writing Restaurant reviews as well as real life stimuli for writing. These eventually were published in local entertain ment magazine AND! More on this can be found here:

We had a writing blog and published some of our reviews on there as well here is a link to the blog that explains how to write a restaurant review.
Several of my 'virtual teacher friends' left comments about the children's reviews which the children really enjoyed reading.
Hannah's review
Puccinis by Laura
Byron's review

The photos of the visit to the restaurant:

The Reviews in AND magazine